Say Yes to Gun Control


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Handgun lying over a copy of the United States constitution and the American flag.

Claudia Smithie, Reporter

On the first of October, the people of the United States witnessed the most deadly mass shooting in the history of Las Vegas. What had started out as a concert ended up as the brutal killing of fifty-eight people and the injury of hundreds of others. The shooting, which lasted for 10 minutes, came from the upper floor windows of the Mandalay Bay Resort. A SWAT Team located the suspect about an hour later, only to find that he had shot himself. The shooter used something known as bump stock, which allows for the ammunition to be fired much faster than a regular gun would. Many people thought that after this tragedy, the U.S. government would be far more active in gun control legislation. However, it seems that nothing will be catastrophic enough for guns to be completely outlawed. Even after the Sandy Hook and Orlando shootings, many Americans still own guns. Although there was a recent proposal to abolish bump stock, it still would not prevent the deaths caused by guns — those that occur every single day.
Last year, Nevada residents voted to require background checks on private gun sales, but nothing has happened, as there is no way to carry out the policy. It seems the only way to ensure something like Vegas never happens again is to repeal the Second Amendment — a battle liberals have been fighting for years. One of the main reasons that Americans possess firearms in the first place is because they interpreted the Second Amendment as a right. As I was talking to a friend earlier about this argument, she pointed out that there was a very fine line between owning a gun and not. She was saying how she felt that, as a woman, she would feel more safe with a gun to defend herself, but, that the right has been abused by too many people. It is so easy to buy a gun without any instruction or background checks, and, even if the government were to make it illegal, it would be all too simple to get if off the black market. In fact, the founding fathers never intended for people to take the Second Amendment so far as to have thousands of people who have been shot, either on purpose or accidentally.