Queens of Syria


Charlotte Franzi and Sofia Ghilas, Reporters

Queens of Syria is a wonderful play in which about fifty Syrian women participate. The women who participate in this play were all forced to leave their homes in Syria and go to Jordan. Whilst most of them like the change, there are many that feel heartbroken and miss their families a lot. One of the participating women, named Reham, says, “I used to dream of a flourishing future full of promise, but when this dream was destroyed by reality, I had only one hope left which I have clung onto with all my power”. Another woman also said “I don’t want want to go back to Syria, I like Jordan, I feel accepted, but I miss my children”.

These courageous women came together to stage and perform their own version of ‘‘The Trojan Women’’. The original play is a masterpiece written by Euripides. Produced in 415 BC., the play originally took place near the walls of Troy, and its language was ancient Greek. The adaptation was directed by Yasmin Fedda. The actresses said that they felt loved and understood while performing and that they also felt enormous support and warmth coming from the audience. We can all agree that these women are extremely strong and talented, and we applaud their eagerness and perseverance in fighting for their rights.