Review of “The XX Files”, an EP by Blasterjaxx

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Michelangelo Ferrazza and Addison Ewell

“The XX Files” is an EP by a Dutch DJ / producer duo called Blasterjaxx. The duo consists of Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf. The group was formed in 2010 when Thom Jongkind, known professionally as Scalix, formed a duo with producer, Leon Vielvoije. Though Vielvoije left soon after joining, Jongkind continued under the Blasterjaxx name. He then collaborated with Idir Makhlaf, known professionally as Macosta. Makhlaf eventually officially joined Jongkind under the name Blasterjaxx.

The EDM duo has been releasing tracks since 2013, with several big hits along the way, covering genres from trap, electro house, to big-room house and Dutch house . On March 10th, the duo released a new EP called “The XX Files,” which consists of 8 tracks, ranging from their old big-room style to more modern trap songs. The EP was released on their own and signature label, Maxximize Records.

Collide: The perfect way to kick off the Ep: this first track is a bangin’ electro house song, with an energetic drop that is certain to move bodies on the dancefloor. The song is also backed by vocalist David Specter, whose clean voice an additional layer of beauty to the song. All in all, the song has lots of power, and sets the tone for the rest of the EP: slightly ominous, but nonetheless incredibly powerful and brimming with energy.

Black Rose: A return to their Big Room roots, Blasterjaxx surprised their fans with this release, which has become among one of the most popular from the EP. The chilling vocals from Jonathan Mendelsohn provides a good contrast to the energetic, albeit chaotic drop. Many people, like us, we’re looking forward to some more big room from the duo, and were pleasantly surprised by this monster of a track.

More: This is the least musically intense track of the EP, but nonetheless has managed to gain massive popularity. The enchanting vocals of Mister Blonde immediately chill the atmosphere, and the captivating drop, which utilizes vocal slices from Mister Blonde, is certain to stimulate minds with its laid back tone. However, anyone expecting a heavy drop typical of Blasterjaxx’s style should look elsewhere.

Demon Eyes: Despite its sinister sounding name, this Electro House banger actually has a rather light, albeit incredibly powerful, drop. In addition, the beautiful vocals provide something catchy to sing along to. The sections between the drops also uphold significant energy with their expert use of synths and drums to support the vocals. The track is destined to make people lose their minds on the dancefloor.

Double Lives: This banging big-room song is very energetic and fast paced, and very closely resembles their recent single ‘No Sleep’. The melody and the second drop is not as harsh, but it is still very powerful. The track takes the listener on a journey as it begins with an intense Big Room style drop, followed by an Electro House drop, which has a completely different sound than the first, and serves as a good piece of contrast. All in all, the song is packed with energy and has something for everyone.

Revelation: This is the only straight trap song on the EP. The vocals feature the very talented singer HALIENE, which enriches the track tremendously. The bass drop and the melody, mixed together with the vocals, make the song a very special; a unique and welcomed addition to the whole EP, despite it being one of the lighter songs.

Neptune: Neptune is incredibly reminiscent of a previous Blasterjaxx song, “Mystica,” which to this day is still one of our personal favorite songs. The similarities between the two give Neptun a nostalgic feeling, but despite this fact, it manages to maintain the same level of energy as Mystica, if not more. The song’s drop utilizes a classical Big Room pluck, and plays around with some percussion instruments, creating a very danceable track. The break between the drops is also excellent, as it utilizes uplifting chords that soon lead to the second drop, which repeats the previous routing once more.

Nightfall: Nightfall was originally an ID, meaning that we had heard this song before in its previous stages, albeit without a title. I (Mike) had been waiting for an incredibly long time for this track to be released, as it was one of my favorite IDs last year. Now, this song is finally here, revamped and polished, with a new vibe to it. The buildup is sweet and melodic, utilizing beautiful sound assets, and the drop, like its previous version, is breathtaking; the enchanting melody is guaranteed to mesmerize audiences, and when the drop goes into full swing, we are shown Blasterjaxx’s true abilities; in my eyes, a perfect way to end the EP.

Blasterjaxx’s “The XX Files” EP was a welcome addition to our musical libraries. The EP has consistent energy throughout, even in the calmer tracks. The breaks tend to supply darker tones that are then overthrown by incredibly energetic drops. Blasterjaxx has done a great job with this EP. Overall, a very good EP.


  • Incredibly energy throughout
  • Wonderful vocal work
  • Throwback songs
  • IDs have finally been released
  • Songs will stick in your head
  • The only reason we can’t give this a 10/10 is because it doesn’t bring anything incredibly innovative or new to the table, but that doesn’t mean that the EP is in any way bad!