Disappointment in The End: Why there is no perfect book ending

You picked it up. “Why?” you ask yourself now knowing what you did not know before but know now. But you picked it up anyway. Maybe it was the cover even though you are told that a book’s cover does not matter. It was the cover you decide because, and you are proud to realize, you loved the colors, the figures, the flowers. But then it could also be the words, the way they flew around in your head. Maybe they reminded you of memories you didn’t realize gathered dust, memories kept away in the corner of your mind suddenly shook loose and pressed against your line of vision. The words rolled around in your head until you had no choice but to remember them. Either way, you picked it up. And took it home. 


Maybe you traced the creases on the cover and wrote an imaginary post-it note to yourself to remember to not damage it any further. Or, the cover was so sleek and shiny you were afraid to put your water bottle anywhere near it. So you took it with you on the train, the metro, the bus, your car, a park? And people stared at you staring intently at it, wondering what was so amusing. Eventually, the words within it popped up in your dreams and it became your new companion, making your phone jealous. Suddenly sleeping and socializing seemed to be chores you had to get rid of. You laughed, and cried, and were angry with them, those in it. You worried you would never finish it and poured all of your time studying it, making cups of tea and bowls of snacks while you were at it. 


Then one day you notice there are very few pages left, a secret is revealed, a character changes and then… Then The End. You check if it is a joke made by the author so you flip through the 3 or 4 pages at the end. Nothing. The novel you loved so much, put on the highest shelf so your dog wouldn’t get it, turns into the most repulsive thing you have ever seen and you slam it shut. All that time spent pouring over it, wasted. 


This is the end of a novel. Oftentimes reading we become so attached to characters we suddenly become a part of the plot, we scream and cry and plot (forgive the pun) for our favorite characters. Therefore the end often is disappointing. The novel may end with “And they lived happily ever after” to which you become confused. How can it end like that? How can a novel so addicting end up a disappointment? Novels cant have a perfect ending. Why? Because a novel can only have one ending. And, maybe we are afraid of our own ending, of the period that comes after the last sentence of our lives, of going through everything only for…