Arma 3 Game Review

Alexander Carbon

You’ve probably never heard the word ‘MilSim’, an abbreviation for ‘military simulation’. Milsims are a genre in this modern era of video games, and have been around since the early 2000’s, with the series “Arma” being the leader and innovator of this genre. So why am I discussing this? In this generation of fast paced and relatively simple video games, titles such as Arma stand out, due to their slow paced realistic style.

I recently purchased Arma 3 for myself, and attempted to play in one of the hundreds of active servers. Let me start by saying that MilSims are quite terrible and boring if you don’t know how to play, so having a buddy with previous experience can make a world of difference. Games like Arma are appealing to a relatively smaller audience than most ‘mainstream games’ simply due to their massive learning curve and extremely tactical nature, something which most are unable to cope with for long periods of time. I mean, who wants to manually count bullets in a magazine or serve as air traffic control in a video game? Actually, quite a few veterans and soldiers in service play MilSims today, whether it is too test out new tactics or to simply enjoy a night with friends, However the primary audience is grown men who would like to experience warfare, but without actually leaving their chair or being at risk. I personally purchased Arma to fly as a pilot in an A10 aircraft, and so far the flight simulator aspect of the game has been fantastic. The thing about Arma is the almost infinite possibilities available, it serves as a sandbox with hundreds of editable aspects and objects, while providing one with modding opportunities galore. A popular game today known as PUBG was inspired by an Arma mod, the amount of versatility in the physics engine and game mechanics is incredible. Whether you want to drive a tank, navigate the ocean with a battleship or simply drive go karts, Arma allows you to do all this if you are willing to spend the time.

From my personal experience, Arma was so complex that I had to watch about 2 youtube videos and quite a few tutorials until I knew how to do simple tasks. Arma is quite different compared to other games, as one can not simply que for a match and join within minutes. In Arma, there are hundreds of dedicated servers, most of which are private and need special access, so it is recommended that a beginner in Arma joins a small community for support while learning. I myself had to joined a server with 30 others or so, and everyone was friendly and didn’t hesitate to help when needed. Overall, Arma is hard to grasp however with time, learning is a gradual process with the aid of others.

To conclude, I think that with a creative and dedicated mind, it is worth learning the hundreds of mechanics and keybinds that come with Arma. After the huge learning curve, the potential for entertainment and endless hours of fun is obtained, and I believe that learning itself can be fun. Try out Arma, it is often on sale for about $7, however give it time as it is hard to grasp in even 10 hours of gameplay.