Book Review: ‘The Hate U Give’

The BookWorm

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is stark, emotional, and captivating. The novel follows the 16-year-old Starr and her life as a black teenage girl. The novel’s blunt, raw narrative follows Starr as she is torn between following the accepted role of the ‘good’ black girl or the more marginalized ‘angry black woman’. The novel also navigates Starr’s world of everyday microaggressions and calculated efforts to ‘fit in’. The novel is emotional as it tells the story of police violence against young black men and the gun violence wreaking havoc on black communities. Thomas captivates the reader through Starr’s grief and anger over having to bury a friend due to the assumption that all black men are dangerous. Thomas inspires the reader to evaluate the world we live in and the effect our actions, stereotypes, and discrimination has on others.