PUBG: Dead or Alive?

Alexander Carbon

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It has been quite a while since I had heard PUBG mentioned anywhere so I decided to try the game out again. Is PUBG still as good of a game as it was in 2017, and how has age treated the game, fanbase, and skill level of the players?

In case you weren’t aware, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a FPS game released on March 23, 2017 that truly changed gaming forever. Created by Brendan Greene, PUBG was a new and refreshing type of game, a Battle Royale. You’ve probably heard of games like Fortnite, which is currently dominating the Battle Royale genre, however it was PUBG that really showed us that the genre could be amazingly fun, despite the game’s reliance on luck in the early match fights. The concept of PUBG is simple, 100 players land on a dystopian island, loot up, and proceed to battle each other. The ingame zone shrinks over time, which forces players into fights late game, therefore preventing camping and other issues. The last to survive wins. Similarly to H1Z1, another Battle Royale game of that era, PUBG focused on realism and advanced ingame physics through the use of Unreal Engine 4, and played similar to a military simulator, with the exception of the situations that the players were put into. It was truly amazing winning out of the 100 people and incredible knowing that you were fighting against real people all over the world.

So how is PUBG now, over 2 years after release? Over the years, the record holding player base that PUBG once had has diminished greatly, however I would not call it irrelevant. Yes, Fortnite and other games are making much more money, but this does not mean that PUBG is a bad game, does it? After playing the game for about an hour, I was fed up. Compared to more recent games, PUBG was slow paced and rather boring. It was a repeating pattern: Loot up for 10 minutes, maybe kill someone, then get sniped after wasting about 30 minutes running to zone. Back then when waiting and scouting for 20 minutes was fun, PUBG could be described as exhilarating, but now it is more like tedious. Skill levels of players are very high now, as those who have stuck with the game have continued to increase their game sense and aiming abilities. If you call Fortnite “Sweaty”, then give PUBG a try. Audio is a key aspect in the game which is quite irritating as campers and those in buildings are always a step ahead, so it is almost impossible to win a gunfight when the enemy is aware that you are coming their way.

PUBG has always been one of my favourites, however it is time to quit. It has become boring, and has little to no action unless you hotdrop, which leads to an instant death. For newcomers, it is almost impossible to start playing, as everyone is too good, which is probably the reason the player base has come to a halt. Would I recommend PUBG? Well, if you have god-like aim, and prior experience with first person shooters, and patience, then yes PUBG is still a great game, However for the majority of casual players this game is quite mundane and irritating.