Avengers: Endgame- An Epic Wrap up of the Avengers Movies?

Alexander Carbon, Reporter

Avengers:Endgame, the long awaited finale to the colossal Avengers Franchise is finally here. Directed by Marvel veterans Anthony and Joe Russo and featuring most characters in the marvel universe, Avengers:Endgame has quickly become the second highest grossing movie in history having made over $1 billion on opening weekend. This box office achievement is well deserved, as the pure excitement felt in the theater made up for the bladder bursting 3 hour movie, and the uproar caused by hero entrances was truly awesome.

Compared to past Marvel movies, Endgame was rather calm for the first hour and a half or so and truly expressed the loss felt by those who survived Thanos’s deadly snap. The opening scene shows this when Hawkeye watches his family disintegrate to dust. The overall mood created by the film is quite draining, though there was no shortage of the typical Marvel humor- like when the Avengers interrupted Thanos’s peaceful breakfast by impulsively decapitating him. Though he wiped out half of the universe, I couldn’t help feeling slightly sorry for him at that moment. The titan was simply trying to enjoy a calm meal in his retirement home. After this, the Avengers proceed to attempt to solve the issue that Thanos has caused, and end up using time travel to return their friends. (If you want details, watch the film!) Ironically, they seemed to scorn Back To The Future for not following the rules of time travel, and yet proceeded to in a similar manner to the beloved franchise’s Doc and Marty. The concept was rather smart, however, as the Avengers returned in time to retrieve the stones, bring back their friends, and then place the stones back where they were, all without disrupting the space time continuum. This provided a strong narrative as it allowed the heroes to return to former timelines in order to retrieve the stones, thus interacting with their previous selves and revisiting past beloved films in the franchise.

However, nearing the end of the movie things got cheesier as all the characters in the marvel franchise participated in the designate battle scene against Thanos. Though it was well choreographed and fun to see different characters interacting with each other, the only gripe I really had with this movie was Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) who entered and demolished Thanos’s entire army. I could not help but wonder why she did not come sooner and save the rest of the characters loads of aggravation. The climax of the film comes, and here comes a spoiler!, when Tony Stark dies due to the gamma radiation emitted from the power of the stones that he used to save everyone. The movie ends with large funeral to honor the hero, and with many in attendance. Nonetheless, I think the length of the film was something that could have been avoided.

To conclude, Endgame is a brilliant movie, and is a must watch if you have seen Infinity War. I dare say this might be Marvel’s best movie, once again proving the Russo brothers to be a powerful pair.