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PewDiePie vs T-Series: A Battle for the Ages

Alexander Carbon

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We all know about the raging battle going on between Youtube’s number one subscribed content creator and the fast growing Indian channel, T-series. This conflict was first realized by Felix Kjellberg (AKA Pewdiepie) on August 29, 2018 when he posted the video “THIS CHANNEL WILL TAKE OVER PEWDIEPIE! LWIAY #0046”, initiating a battle for subscriptions  which would continue for months. In the beginning, the subscription gap between the two was over 3 million, now the difference is a mere 40 thousand. 

On August 29 , 2018 the whole youtube community was surprised to learn that a new channel known as T-Series was nearing Pewdiepie’s current 61 million subscriber mark. Pewdiepie has been the most subscribed content creator since 2013, which is when he surpassed the then-record of six million subscribers. It was no surprise that T-Series caused an uproar, as nobody dared to replace the king himself. Yet the social blade numbers did not lie. At the time, it was calculated that T-Series would overtake pewdiepie in November 2018, yet Pewdiepie’s continuous grind has let him increase the gap. Pewdiepie has even brought back “Let’s Play”, a genre of content which he had abandoned in late 2016. It was not that he had actively ended the genre, but the core of his channel had been replaced by other content such as “meme review” , “Pew News” , and “LWIAY”. After announcing the news, Pewdiepie seemed relieved to be able to rid himself of the top spot, yet over the months his attitude towards the matter has drastically changed.

Since the beginning, Pewdiepie has uploaded 78 videos, one of which even features highly controversial conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. He has invited multiple content creators since and has received help from “MrBeast”. Pewdiepie has uploaded over 15 videos on the matter, and it is clear that he is milking all the content he can from the current situation. It was not until Pewdiepie received help from fellow youtubers that his current crisis was fully realized.

Jimmy D. Donaldson, AKA “MrBeast” is a well known content creator who donates (and wastes) his money earned. He came to Pewdiepie’s aid when he released the video titled: “I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This” where he purchased all the Billboards in his city and advertised Pewdiepie on them. He then proceeded to go on national TV and the radio, asking everyone to “subscribe to Pewdiepie before it was too late”. Pewdiepie’s channel greatly benefited from this, and he gained an estimated 300 thousand subscriber advantage, which added a month to his “survival”. After this, Pewdiepie released the video titled: “B!tch Lasagna” which was a diss track made by “party in the backyard” and Pewdiepie that was aimed at T-Series. Explicit language was used, so no ad revenue was made through the stunning 50 million views. Just recently, Mrbeast recently released his last video on Pewdiepie (before the loss), where he said Pewdiepie 100,000 times. His dedication alone is amazing, yet the 12 hour video had little to no benefit on Pewdiepies behalf.

It has been a very interesting 3 months for the Youtube community as the great battle of Youtubers continues. Pewdiepie has fought long and hard, yet it is estimated he will be overtaken in a week maximum. During the battle time, Pewdiepie released some of his most iconic videos yet, the best of which arguably being the collaboration with Ben Shapiro. We will all mourn the loss of Pewdiepie’s crown, yet he was bound to be overtaken at some point. It is a shame that a sub-botting Indian music label is the one to win, yet Pewdiepie will always be the most subscribed solo content creator.


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PewDiePie vs T-Series: A Battle for the Ages