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A Star is Born: What Happens Behind the Scenes in the Music Industry

Camille Wefers Bettink, Reporter

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The remake of the legendary movie starring the acclaimed singer Lady Gaga and actor/neo-director Bradley Cooper portrays the theme of alcoholism and the behind the scenes of the modern “star-making” process. Through the lives of two stars: one in the making and the other already a collectible, there is a focus on the impact of the music industry on the lives o

f stars. The young, hopeful and determined jazz-pop singer, Ally (played by Lady Gaga), meets a sweet tuned, rough countryman, Jackson Maine, in a drag bar. This opening scene introduces their passionate, heart-wrenching love in a neon-pink setting that dances to the tune of “La Vie en Rose”.


From there on, the plot divulges into what is a slow development in and out of fame. Jack, in fact, struggles with sobriety and suffers from depression, while Ally can hardly maintain her image as genuine as her voice, and loses that skill, which made her talent unique. Her song-making spirals in the black hole that is “trashy” pop, which Jack fears might pull her away from him.

What is so particular of this version is the careful choices of scenes that underline the humanity of famous actors and singers, who are typically hidden behind cameras and who have less glorious lives than what they choose to reveal to the public. A roller-coaster of emotions floods through the film from start to finish. Hopefully, you too will be able to feel the compassion for both Ally and Jack that I felt and finally begin to understand the pain and pressure brought on from an industry that demands perfection in exchange for authenticity.

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A Star is Born: What Happens Behind the Scenes in the Music Industry