It happens to top-notch players as well

Luka Drakoljic, Reporter

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Macedonia’s football team lost to Armenia by 4: 0 in Division D of the Nation, and all of the losses are results of the mistakes of the goalkeeper, Stole Dimitrievski.
He, as a member of the Gymnastics of Tarragona, is currently on loan to Rayo Vallecano, so it is strange that the goalkeeper from the “League of Fives” has such poor shots, probably even worse than those made by Loris Karius in the Champions League final this year.

The first goal of the “bubble” had an unusual curved path and was bad enough for 1: 0. The Macedonians defended by half, but to little effect as Movsesijan scored a second goal in the 67th minute. To add insult to injury it had been preceded by a weak contribution made by Dimitrievski, which was punished with a goal from Petar. Gazarijan had a free kick of thirty meters in the 81st minute, and he shot it low and the ball passed under the living wall, but also under the hand of Dimitrievski.

The fourth goal in the fall of the time was again “dropped” by the free kick and hit Mhitarian in almost the same way as his teammate ten minutes earlier. A ball on the ground beneath a living wall and a three-dimensional reaction from the goalkeeper completed the Macedonian debacle.