Migrant Caravan Proceeds North, Defying Mexico and U.S.

Margot Edinger, Reporter

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In Tapachula, Mexico an estimated 5,000 Central American undocumented migrants have been progressing towards the United States borders for over a week, in open defiance of the Mexican and American governments. 

The migrant’s grueling journey commenced on October 12th, from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, one of the world’s most violent cities. As the caravan passed through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico they have been gaining momentum and attention through social media, local news outlets, social activists, and leftist opposition.

Under pressure from United States President Donald Trump, Mexico has urged migrants to undergo legal processing by immigration officials at the borders. Despite these orders, many have decided to continue the trek due to the lengthy time the process takes.

In lieu of the November 6th United States midterm elections, Mr. Trump has taken advantage of the caravan to rally Republican voters. Trump criticized Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala for their failure to stop or curb the flow of migrants.

Addressing a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz (Republican), Trump communicated tha

t “We need a wall built fast,” adding that if  “We don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.” In late June of this year Trump claimed that “We’ve started the wall.” Despite these proclamations, and while Mr. Trump has examined prototypes and built some new fencing along the border, the immovable concrete barrier that was promised has not been constructed, nearly halfway through his term.

From their location in Mexico, the migrants face a long journey, with several potential routes including a 1,100-mile route to Reynosa, Texas, and a much longer 2,420-mile route to Tijuana.

For the fortunate released into the U.S., an official decision could take years amid the backlog of over 764,000 cases currently pending in the Federal Immigration Court.