Crvena Zvezda Giving its Best but Were Outplayed by European Champions

Luka Dragoljic, Reporter

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Crvena Zvezda water polo players were defeated in the first round of the Champions League of the Eighth-World Champion of Europe, Pro Reka, with 17: 4 (1: 1, 3: 2, 6: 1, 7: 0) swimming pool “Milan Gale Muškatirovic”.

Dejan Savic’s team led after two minutes of the opening section in order to quickly equalize Filipovic for the Italian giant.

Goalkeeper Kralj had six extraordinary defenses that prevented the turn of guests, but Ivovic was precise in the second part.

There was a new chance for Red and White, and was successfully used by Vasic for 2: 2.

Pro Reko took advantage of a two-goal advantage that reduced Bitadze from a five-point lead, so he scored 3: 4 at the half-time.

The new “+2” was set by Gonzalo Oskar Eckenike in the first attack of the second half, so that in the immediate fourth-round goal for Zvezdu was typed Tankosić.

The same guest of the game was then again precise and managed to beat Kralj 4: 6, and then Alessandro Velotto stiffened the home fans by defeating the Zvezda goalkeeper, and soon he “broke” the meeting Luka Bukic for four advantage.

The team of Ratko Rudic closed the defense in the third quarter finals and did not allow the red and whites to come to terms, and they saw that their points in Serbia were more than necessary.

Matteo Aicardi defeated King for the big “+5”, Dejan Savic’s team suffered a lot in the attack, but it was also expected, given the superiority of the eight-time champion of the Old Continent. Kees hit the end of the third leg and ended with 4:10 for guests from Italy.

The rest of the match was entirely in favor of a favored team that did not stop, but in the first attack through Bukić he further increased the difference, and then Filipović was precise for 4:12 from Peter. Red and white did not even manage to strike a goal against the opponent’s goal in their attacks.

What he managed to guess for a great lead of Pro Reka in just over four minutes, 4:13 was at those moments and it was long ago known who will celebrate in the interesting match at the Milan Gale Muskatirovic swimming pool. The goal for the result, the result was changed, but only at one end of the traffic light.

In the end, the convincing victory of the Italian team 4:17, which was rather superior, but certainly a great lesson to the young and ambitious team of Dejan Savic.