Umbertide: an Unforgettable Experience

Raffaella Jarvis, Reporter

Last week I went to an agriturismo in a small town in Umbria called Umbertide. I went with a great group of people, most of which were my friends and others I never really spoke to that much.

On the fourhour bus ride, we kept ourselves busy with music and snacks. When we arrived my first impression would have been how beautiful the agriturismo was and how spectacular the views were. Sadly the first day it was partly cloudy and we were all a little distracted by the smell of delicious sausage and truffle sauce welcoming us. After a delicious meal, we had a cooking class. With only flour, water, baking soda, and a pinch of salt we made traditional bread that farmers would eat to fill their stomachs for the day. Just a few bites made you full. By the end of it, we were covered in flour and probably made the Pillsbury Doughboy very proud. Only a few hours after lunch we had dinner then we played games as a class. After rolling back to our rooms and a few quick games of cards we went to bed.


The next day we finally got to see how beautiful the view and the agriturismo really was. With reds, oranges and pale yellows filtering our vision it was as if we fell into an Autumnal postcard. Following a heavy breakfast of cake and juice, we went on a semi-strenuous hike that lead to a sanctuary. There was a temple with a grassy field surrounding it and lying in the succulent grass under the warm sun we soothed our sore muscles. After a quick but plentiful lunch, we returned to the agriturismo and some of us played a quick but fulfilling game of soccer. Soon after, we had another cooking class but this time we handmade Tagliatelle. Our masterpieces were devoured later that evening. After a few games we, again, rolled back to our rooms.


The following morning after eating tarts for breakfast we went on a short bus ride to reach the perfect spot for chestnut picking. The little forest was filled with brown-leafed trees that dropped spiked shells which encased the chestnuts. There wasn’t much light but the light that did shine through the dense branches cast taupe colored beams. When our chestnut filled bags weighed us down it was time to go back. This time we ate outside for lunch; salted prosciutto and salami, steaming hot barley and vegetable soup, roasted lamb and rosemary seasoned potatoes, and lastly, handpicked roasted chestnuts. When our bags were packed and our bellies were full, it was finally time to go home. I had a wonderful time, filled with many laughs. We had excellent food and fantastic company, and memories I’ll keep with me for many years to come.