Tenuta di Spannocchia

Margot Edinger, Reporter

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Tuscany is an 1100-acre organic farm, Tenuta di Spannocchia, established in 1225, and located on a vast nature preserve. A group of students at St. Stephens’ School had the opportunity to visit Spannocchia and explore the Tuscan countryside and way of life in early fall.


Spannocchia features old architecture, such as a stone tower, a well-preserved aristocratic home, and several refurbished farmhouses that allow guests to experience the rich history of the settlement on a first-hand basis.

To those interested, tours of the farm are available. The students spent an afternoon exploring the modest pig industry in Spannocchia and were able to see mother pigs with their piglets. Unlike many industrial farms who separate the piglets from their mothers shortly after birth, Spannocchia keeps them together for approximately 2 months. Following the tour was a tasting of the products of flavorful meat that they offer.

Simple and fun cooking classes filled the students’ morning. With the help of the cook,  the students made a fresh three-course meal of tagliatelle, potato gnocchi, and tiramisu – all of which they enjoyed for lunch later that day.

Of all the activities, to simply be in the thick of Tuscan hills was enough to unwind.