Maine Teacher Found Dead in Woods

Margot Edinger, Reporter

The remains of Kristen Westra, an elementary school teacher, and mother of a 9-year-old daughter and 16-year-old stepson have been found in a wooded area near her home in North Yarmouth, Maine.

Westra had been reported missing by her husband, Jay Westra, on Monday, October 1st. Westra reports that he had seen her last after Kristen returned from a jog late Sunday night. Her brother, Eric Rohrbach, said that on the night of the incident, Kristen had trouble sleeping and left her bedroom. Rohrbach thought that she simply went to another empty bedroom in the house. It wasn’t until that morning when she was reported missing. Her family relays that she had been under some stress due to her work, but conveyed how her disappearance was a surprise – Kristen never drank alcohol or did drugs.

Throughout the week, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, along with dozens of volunteers, searched for her. Upon finding the remains, the authorities have not disclosed the condition or location of them and ruled the incident a suicide.

“My heart is crushed today,” wrote Jay Westra on Facebook after the remains were found.