March for Our Lives


Claudia Smithie, Reporter

On Saturday, March 24th, St. Stephen’s School participated in the March for Our Lives which took place in Washington D.C. and in Rome, among others. Organized by the AEPC (American Expats for Positive Change), the protestors met outside the U.S. embassy in Rome at 11 to rally against gun violence in U.S. schools. Signs were made, such as the one featured in the photo (“YES WE MUST!”). Survivors from the Parkland School Shooting shared their experiences and we sang Imagine by John Lennon together. A few students from St. Stephen’s gave speeches too. Afterwards, those of us who were age 16 or older signed petitions to vote against gun violence. Unfortunately, since I live in New York, I was not allowed to do so, but one of my friends who lives in Boston was able to. On the following Monday, we met two girls who came to St. Stephen’s from Parkland.

Photo provided by the reporter