Indiana Wells updates


Luka Dragoljic, Reporter

Djokovic Doesn’t Pass the Second Round in Indiana Wells

The crisis of Novak Djokovic continues, with only one question – how long will it last? In probably the worst career career, Novak was defeated by Japanese Taro Daniel 7: 6 (7: 3), 4: 6, 6: 1 in the second round of Indian Wells, where, according to the estimate, the Serbian tennis player was not supposed to play. In the middle of the first set, it was clear that the former number 1 was neither on the ground nor the head or body. Djokovic said that after playing with a 109th player on the planet who also did not play anything special.

Just two years ago, Djokovic was the first tennis player ever since Rod Laver who took all four Grand Slam titles and he built a huge advantage on the ATP list. However, then there were problems with the elbow, a break of six months, then unsuccessful return to the Australian open and at the end of surgery. Novak thus found himself in a situation where many athletes were ahead of him – how to keep the fire inside himself?

– I only played a few matches in the previous nine months. It is normal that I still do not know whether I am ready or not, whether I will restore an injury to the elbow or not. Even when nothing hurts you, you are constantly thinking about what can happen. The injury is something I’ve been fighting for two years now and that’s why it’s not easy for me to gather thoughts – said, among other things, the tenth bearer in Indian Wells.

Taro Daniel used Hoon Chung’s tactics two months ago in Australia. He held the ball as long as he was in the field and waited for Novak to fall physically.

– Djokovic I know is Djokovic from the TV. He never misses and sends a ball where others can not. Apparently, he sinned today too. However, in spite of that, he is Djokovic and you have to beat him, “said 25-year-old Daniel, who was born in New York from an American father and a Japanese mother.

Monfils Retires due to Injury at Indiana Wells

Gael Monfils will no longer entertain the tennis crowd at this year’s Indian Wells tournament, as he handed over the match to French compatriot Pierre-Igou Erbeu in the sixteenth finals, who led 6-2, 3-1 at the time of the break.

“Already in the second game I felt a bit of pain in the lower back. I compressed my teeth, made a break in the next, but as time passed, not only could I not play as I wanted, but I could not even move,” he discovered is one of the tennis players with the most attractive moves in professional competition.

He would be happy to take a longer break, however, he points out that this is not possible:

“I wish I had the luxury of not playing next week in Miami, but I will be there, surely, I hope that I will rest for two days or, if nothing else, and at least on Wednesday, there is little time for that tournament, I know, but if it’s necessary, and with drugs, I’ll play there. I need to … When you’re so low on the ranking list and I’m 42, you have to play all the time if you want to go back to the top, otherwise it’s not possible. you are, for example, between the 10th and 15th ATP positions, because then you have more options for more flexible viewing of these things, “said Gael Monfils.

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