Light Show in Villa Medici


Claudia Smithie, Reporter

Last weekend, I went to the Villa Medici on the top of the Spanish Steps to see the Light Show (which has ended). Entrance was free, so there were many people wandering around – making it rather hard to take pictures. We entered, and as we walked up the path leading to it, there was a light at the end. The first section of the exhibition featured an old-fashioned projector that wasn’t showing any photos but rather illuminated a nearby tree. The next feature was a lit-up writing on the ground, which was nearly impossible to read, but the names were the artist’s most important works of art. After that, we walked to a different area with lights on the ground, and a jungle with mosquito candles. They used original statues from the garden and suspended lights from them. The main attraction was a structure with lights hanging from the top. It was really special, because it was dark everywhere except for the lights, making it very atmospheric. There was even mist, and sounds that would enhance the artwork. There were people next to each piece to explain it to anyone who was interested. The show provided an interesting contrast between modern art and the location of the show, the Villa Medici. It also contrasted the orderly gardens themselves, with 17 artists to “blur the lines”.

Photo provided by the author.