Slender man made us do it: two 12-year-olds kill an innocent girl


Raffaella Jarvis, Reporter, Club Leader

On Thursday Morgan Geyser apologized for stabbing an innocent victim along with the help of her friend Anissa Weier. The victim, their friend, was stabbed 19 times in her arms, legs and torso in the woods in Wisconsin. Geyser stabbed the victim while Weier sat by and egged her on. The two girls along with the victim were all 12 years old at the time.Luckily the victim survived the attack and was found wounded by a cycling passerby.

Geyser and Weier both admitted to the crime: the former was sentenced for 40 years in a mental institution, while the latter was sentenced for 25. Geyser’s defenders said that she suffered from schizophrenia making her believe that she could communicate with fictional characters. She had admitted to hallucinating similar things before. In this case Geyser had imagined that Slender Man told her and Weier to commit their crime. Weier also suffered from a mental illness.

This week in court Geyser said bawling, “I never meant this to happen. And I hope that she’s doing well.” Judge Michael Bohren hasn’t changed his mind about helping Geyser out because an attempted murder is not to be discounted as she put herself and others at risk. The fact that this attempted murder was also planned for months and then executed was also taken in consideration. Geyser’s defense team along with experienced medical staff contradicted him by saying that Geyser needs a better environment in order to maintain her mental health. They wanted to move her to an adolescent health facility but Mr. Bohren has retracted his earlier statement, “What we can’t forget is this was an attempted murder.” Both of them are now 15 and have been charged with murder and have been tried as adults.

For those who don’t know, Slender Man is a fictional character whose appearance consists of long shadowy limbs who’s often depicted with a blank face, a suit and those limbs or tentacles coming out from behind it’s back. The girls said that they had first seen this character on a website called “creepypasta,” which is a place which is meant to scare or shock you with scary stories. Geyser said they were supposed to kill their schoolmate to satisfy Slender Man in order to show their loyalty.

Photo provided by the author.
In the photo: Morgan Geyser (left) and Anissa Weier (right) at age 12