Australian Open News


Luka Dragoljic, Reporter

Wilander Astonished by Djokovic’s Performance

The smile on the face of the best Serbian tennis player was worth more than all of his trophies. Djokovic glowed with happiness because after a grave injury and six months break he was given the chance to play again. And not only to play, but also to win. The six-time Australian opener won 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 in the US with Donald Jang, who showed that Novak feels good on the pitch, that the bumps are back and they shoot at Melbourne.
“This was a useful match for Novak. He confidently won three sets and saved the energy to continue the tournament. On the paper, Yang is a dangerous opponent, so I believe that Novak is surprised by the quick and easy win” – commented legendary Mats Wilander, now a tennis expert on TV “Eurosport”. Furthermore, Wilander admitted that “Djokovic looked good, he was easy to move and served greatly. He stroked a ball and gave everyone a clear signal that he was back”.
“Gael will be a more serious exam for Novak. If he is ready to fight, then we will get an opportunity to see how much Djokovic really can at this time. I believe that the organizers of the match will put on the “Rod Leyre Arena” in the striking period, and that is the environment in which Novak is best managed. It is a shame that they will meet in the second round because this is the match for the quarterfinals.”- Wilander added.

Troicki Hits Referee Accidentally in the Head

During the final round of the Australian Open 2nd round with Nick Kyrgios, Viktor Troicki inadvertently hit the main referee, James Kiotavong, in his head with a ball.
Trying to return to one shot of the rival, Troicki hit the ball, sending it right to the arbitrator, hitting Kiotavong in the head. Viktor immediately ran towards Kiotavong, apologising. Fortunately, Kiotavong turned out to be well because the blow was not the strongest one seen by the tennis world. In response, he only smiled and said: “This is not my day.” While Nick Kyrgios has repeatedly accused him of making the wrong decision, Troicki won after three sets of a rather interesting duel.

Novak Takes Out Monfils

Novak Djokovic finished third in the Australian Open, defeating Gael Monfils from 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 1, 6: 3 after a reversal by Melbourne at a temperature of 39 degrees. His next rival will be the 22nd world tennis player, Spaniard Albert Ramos Vinolas, who defeated the American Tim Smichek with 6: 4, 6: 2, 7: 6 (2).
Nole has never lost in his career to the Frenchman, who entered the match with one advantage – this year he had already won a trophy, and his rival from Serbia had played only one competitive match. Moreover, for Djokovic, this was the first after a six-month break, due to an injury to the elbow.
That’s why at the beginning of their 15th duo under the auspices of the ATP, and the 17th overall when computing and two revue encounters, Monfils worked better. He was both more decisive and more precise. He took the Frenchman with 0: 3, and then began the hint of Nolet’s return. However, although the next three teams were won by the Serbian player, his rival did not give up. “Withdrawing service” Djokovic led with 4: 3, then saved two breaks of the ball, in the last game of the first set another two, so he got the opening part with 4: 6.
Everything changed in a second. Having entered the rhythm, the best tennis player of all time not only played better in the offensive sense, but he did not allow the rival any single break gap ball. He did not use his first three in the lead of 3: 2, he was fifth in that set, bringing him 5: 3, and then he scored a brilliant ninth game to return to the game 6: 3.
Since then, Djokovic has been aggressive, using the smallest poor rival, so he made a break for the time, a big step towards a triumph. He had to wait a little bit, because Monfils saved three balls of the ball, but for the fourth, there was no rescue.

Photos provided by the author.