NBA news: updates on Bogdan Bogdanović’s and Nikola Jokić’s performances


Luka Dragoljic, Reporter

Bogdan Bogdanović makes his new record in the NBA

Bogdan Bogdanovic broke his basketball NBA record in the match where he met Jutu Jazz with the Sakramenta team, whose first assistant coach is our basketball expert Igor Kokoskov.

The team “Jass”, having built an early lead, finally triumphed with 120: 105, which justified the role of a mild favorite, and Bogdanovic surpassed his best ever since he scored 22 points on January 11 at Clippers.

This time he spent 39 minutes on the floor as a starter, and during that time he scored 25 points. He shot three without a miss, 6/6, for two 3/5, and he scored six rebounds, two assists, one won and five lost balls.
Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 25 points on 11 shooting possessions, including 6-6 from downtown. For the season, he’s at 60% true shooting on 19% usage, with a 41% 3-point percentage while attempting 42% of his shots behind the arc.

Nikola Jokić on Fire in the NBA

As Nikola Jokic played against the legendary Dirk Novick and Dallas Mavericks, it’s no wonder his Denver manager Michael Malon was thrilled.

Dallas is not a member of the NBA elite, it’s a team with only two victories in 2018, but Denver … Denver is due to the ups and downs, the relegation of the advantage, and the lucrative shamrock (in the form of a loss of 32 matches on the previous match, San Antonio), entered the match only with three this season’s triumph. It’s not a decent club’s desire to finally find a place in the play, and the opportunity for a “fixer” came exactly against Mavericks, whose ranks are well-known, now the 39-year-old German, Dirk Novicky.

Jokic gave ten points in the first quarter. By the half-time it reached 20, with the dabl-dabl effect. It was clear who commanded the Nagets, who were “-7” in the opening section, reached “+23” in the third. In the end, it was “stand-pane”, due to relaxation, but a triumph (105: 102) was achieved, along with the maestral part of the Serbian center.
He scored 29 points in 33 minutes in the court, kicking 11/21 for two, and 0/2 for three, with seven out of ten free throws. He had as many as 18 rebounds, but also seven assists, two balls and a blockade.

How much Jokic dominated, how much he just played with his guards, whether it was a temporary Novicki or some of the younger guard from Dallas, maybe it’s best to look at yourself:

“Whoever is in the five, everyone will want to play ‘over’ Nikola, especially now that Mason (Plamley) was not as much on the floor as it is otherwise. We ‘set’ our attitude towards the rival we are meeting , but Nikola has such an impact on the game that it does not matter if we play with a little pet, with a tall, or that I’m on the floor! I mean, this is your first lesson for basketball coaches – play through your best player, “said the coach Nagetsa Michael Malon.

Photos provides by the reporter.