Youyou Bubble Tea


Claudia Smithie, Reporter

Situated in Rome’s “Chinatown”, this little shop, named Youyou Tea, is hidden away: however, as off the tourist path as it is, the place is always packed with people. In fact, Youyou Tea is the only bubble tea place in Rome, and it is not to miss. When my friends and I go, there are usually no ‘boba’ left, so we always try to go early. Although it is somewhat far, the commute is simple: just take the 3 tram to Manzoni. The business itself is run by one man who does all the work. There are two tea machines, and the place also offers sandwiches, but most people go for the specialty – the tea. On a practical note, the price is three euros for a small and 3.50 for a large tea. My advice would be to go for the small because the large really fills you up! They have quite a lot to offer: many different variations of tea (such as bubble tea and bubble milk tea), egg ice cream (basically ice cream with dough that is like eggs), Youppucinos (frappuccinos made with tea), and more. My favorite flavor so far has been the Rosa Rossa, or red rose. Among the original boba are others such as blueberry, strawberry, lychee, mango, etc.
Check this place out – you definitely won’t be sorry!