The Talent Show

Sofia Ghilas, Reporter

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On Friday (December 1st), our school organised the annual Talent Show. Twelve talented kids participated in it. Some of them sang, some of them played the piano and others even created a small comedy show. In short, it was incredible!
Almost everyone came to watch it, applauses were heard after every performance and everyone’s eyes were sparkling with admiration. One of my favorite performances was of the adorable couple who sang “Say something” by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World. It was truly beautiful, especially because their gorgeous voices were accompanied by the piano. Another highlight of the show was the song about the IB, which made it sound less scary… even though the pressure from the immense workload is still really high for the seniors.
Being a participant in the talent show was a very exciting experience too! I can say that while performing, one’s heart is racing so fast and one’s knees are shaking but it is also so much fun!
While the audience evidently enjoyed the show, the teachers who were the judges seemed to like all the performances as well. In fact, they wrote a lot of notes about every act and were enamoured of our talented participants’ and their acts.
Overall, the talent show was a great success and an incredible event which once again brought together our community, leaving everyone amazed and inspired. It is certainly a tradition to keep!