Saint Stephen’s vs Saint George’s: Always a Classic

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Saint Stephen’s vs Saint George’s: Always a Classic

Bojan Zeric, Reporter

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On Tuesday, November 21st, St. Stephen’s basketball courts hosted games against St. George’s, the historical rivals, for the first time this season. The atmosphere was unique, as we played for the first time with an official referee and a proper, technological scoreboard.

A Team.
The event started around four o’clock with a particularly intense and enjoyable game between the the two A teams, who already faced each other in October at St. George’s in a game that our team managed to win. Without Tesher Zafrin, our co-captain and arguably best player, Coach Ostrow had a starting lineup mostly composed by sophomores, with the other co-captain Addison leading the team. The game began with multiple mistakes on both sides as the teams tried to figure out how to approach the opponent, but in the end, we were the ones who managed to obtain the first run and reach a quite solid lead. We managed to maintain the lead throughout most of the game but the point difference remained minimal and every basket could have been decisive in the last minutes, which created an extremely intense atmosphere. In the end, we managed to bring it home, but we definitely need to work on closing games and shot selection in important moments. On our side, particularly good performances by Addison Ewell, Mark Penner and Ludovico Fanizza, who even with some mistakes on shooting and free throws, kept hustling and gave us a lot of physical strength. There are many areas we need to improve on before the tournament in Milan, scheduled for February the 2nd, but bringing this game home is certainly a great way to start and a considerable source of motivation.

B Team.
After the struggled victory of the A team, the B team faced the opponent Junior Varsity at home for the first time this season, first time ever for some of our younger players. We began the game really well, outplaying the opponents in both offense and defense and gaining a considerable advantage, which we managed to keep for the entire game, ending with a score of 28-19. The performance by the captain Andrew Crossley, with 8 points, 8 boards and a game of great defence and hustle can be applauded. Some of our new recruits, who represent the future of St. Stephen’s basketball, such as Luca Di Cicco, Thomas Griffin and Marcelino Piscion demonstrated incredible hustling and rebounding. The future is as bright as ever for St. Stephen’s basketball, who at the end of this year will experience the loss of really important members of the team but will have gained young, talented, hard-working players for the future. There is a lot to discuss and improve on, but the recent news that for the first time the Milan tournament will include a B team will give our young players nothing but motivation to get better and be ready when, in February, they will face strong opponents in the north.

Both of our teams managed to stay undefeated, which was the goal coach Ostrow had in mind before the event. We improve every day and work hard to get better, and managing to see some results is great news. Next game will be in AOSR before Christmas, as the Milan tournament gets closer and closer, and after last year’s defeats, we are determined to bring it home this year.

Photo provided by Bojan Zeric.