Sushi places in Rome: OiSushi and Taro Sushi


Claudia Smithie, Reporter

Last weekend, I was in the mood for sushi. And apparently, a lot of sushi. So, my friend and I ended up getting it two nights in a row, in two different places (both were near Piazza Navona).

The first place was called OiSushi. We had not known anything about this restaurant expect that it was a Brazilian sushi restaurant which in itself made us interested as we had never tried anything of the kind before. As we sat down and looked through the menu, at first, everything seemed unappetizing. There were the strangest combinations – even rolls with fruit! Fortunately, our doubts were crushed and proved very wrong when the fish turned out to be very fresh and the flavors perfectly balanced. We were only sad to see it go so fast, leaving us hungry as ever!

Taro Sushi
My friend and I had walked past this restaurant earlier, and we noticed a sushi belt. We had both always wanted to try a sushi belt, but we had no idea how expensive it would be! We ended up sitting at the sushi belt but ordered from the menu, while everyone else around us kept grabbing plate after plate of sushi from the belt. This time, though, we were able to order appetizers, such as edamame and miso soup, and the sushi was really good, just what we expected. We were only disappointed when a couple sat down right next to us, helping themselves both to the sushi on the belt and ordering from the menu!

Photo by Claudia Smithie